Perfect Purism.

Desk «Clamp»

This desk wants to be seen. Design your modern office or studio with this innovative and creative piece of furniture. Enhance your creative energy and your potential, inspired by the filigree character of desk CLAMP.

The materials and colors of all the surfaces depend on your choice and could, for example, also be manufactured out of carbon fibre – which is a very light material, and would enable you to flexibly move and position your desk in spite of its huge dimensions.

Lightness was our inspiration: both of the drawers seem to float, since they’re are only connected to the tabletop by small mounts out of stainless steel.

  • Optionally carbon
  • Highly scratch resistant surface
  • Customizable color of the components
  • Customizable surface of the components
  • Mounts optionally in brushed or polished kind of stainless steel
  • Optionally push-open systems