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Our team of experts is looking forward to your ideas and individual wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact us concerning the realisation of your own project.

About Us

As a freelance design studio located in the emerging city of Leipzig we develop creative as well as innovative solutions. Aesthetics, functionality as well as exclusivity are the basic elements of our own product lines.

Apart from our own product lines, we also offer our business partners and customers the opportunity to realise their individual projects with our help. Within this process we accompany every single step – from the first CAD-sketch up to the final product.

To reach our goal of creating only timeless and high-quality products, we do especially care about the use of innovative and sustainable materials.

«The Material Experts»

Our special attention to the right choice of material is rooted in the interdisciplinary background of our designers: knowledge from furniture, automotive and textile design is enriching our versatile wealth of experience.

Independent from each other, we have learnt, that only high-quality materials and tools can enable the creation of a«perfect» product.

Furthermore it’s a wonderful inspiration to see how the character of a product is determined by its specific material.

That’s why we try to offer our customers the opportunity to individualise their products – since also for us this kind of approach leads to surprising results.

We are the partner by your side

From the First Draft up to the Final Product

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